Why My Baby Is Crying?

Why My Baby Is Crying? Reasons

Being a parent of a newborn is a beautiful feeling in the world. But it is true that being responsible is also very essential. Your newborn baby is totally dependent on you. You provide him or her with milk, and warmth and offer a comfortable environment. Generally, they cry to ask you for special attention and care.

When you have a newborn at your home. You can see the several types of behavior of that newborn.  From that important are feeding, sleeping and most annoying is crying process. It is a very intolerable and annoying situation for new parents. Sometimes it is troublesome and infuriating also. You feel irritated due to the sound of a newborn’s crying at midnight. It is unbearable to handle after a full day of the hectic schedule of office or household work.

Crying is a way of communication for a newborn which is given by God to tell you what they actually want or need.

Reasons For Crying Baby

Crying is a natural process in newborns to communicate with others and they tell through crying what they require. Usually, the baby cries 2 to 3 hours a day, sometimes babies wail without any reason, it is quite normal not to worry for the parents.

We will discuss below here the very common reasons for crying a baby. There are 8 common reasons as follows:

  • Hunger or overfeeding
  • Colic
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Being too hot or too cold
  • A dirty or wet diaper
  • Wanting a cuddle
  • Allergies
  • Sleeping habits

Hunger or Overfeeding:

Among all the reasons, hunger is one of the most common reasons for crying a baby. If your baby is hungry, look for clues during the cry such as opening their mouth, putting a hand into the mouth, and sucking the fingers continuously.


If your little one cries a lot, and he or she looks healthy, she might have colic. And he or she is hard to comfort while suffering from colic. Colic is a type of tummy infection or it is a kind of stomach cramp and is usually seen in newborn babies. Colic means severe pain in the abdomen brought about by wind or deterrent in the intestines. It is very common in babies and happens more usually during the first month after birth. The exact cause of colic isn’t clear.

Fatigue or Tiredness:

If your baby is over-tired or overworked then your baby is not able to sleep peacefully and he or she will cry continuously.

Being too hot or cold:

Sometimes small babies cry excessively because they feel too hot or too cold. Hence for that, you should check them after a certain period of time whether they feel comfortable or not. You also check their clothes whether they are thick or not. due to thick or thin clothes, they feel uncomfort.

A dirty or wet diaper:

Again, it is a very common reason for crying babies. Your child might dissent if he or she has a wet or dirtied nappy. Because of that dirty diaper, your baby feels extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, they cry to tell you that it’s time for my diaper change.

Wanting a cuddle:

Like you, your baby also has emotions. Sometimes he or she wants soft cuddling, and physical contact to have ultimate comfort. He crying just to be held and your babies want only skin contact.


A breastfeeding mother might pass on what they eat through breast milk to her newborn child. If she eats any heavy food item then it may affect her baby. It may be allergic to your baby means your baby will suffer from allergies and several infections. Your baby will not feel well and will feel discomfort hence he or will be crying.

Sleeping habits:

Your babies should be able to sleep on their own after 6 months. But sometimes, they do not want to sleep without you. If they not feeling well or sick or changes in the home, they may have trouble sleeping peacefully.

When to Call a Doctor or Pediatrician?

Summon your pediatrician right if your crying child:

  • Has a fever of more than 100.4 F
  • Has cold and other respiratory diseases
  • The baby has a problem such as vomiting and diarrhea
  • If your baby won’t eat or drink anything
  • He or she isn’t peeing or has some bloody poops, or the baby doesn’t respond to anything.

How To Soothe a Crying Baby?

The crying process among babies is very common and some baby cries more while some are not. It is the most common sign that your baby is tired or hungry or not feeling well.

It is a very hard task to soothe your newborn tears, isn’t it? YES or NO? The answer of new parents is obviously NO. so, try some easy ways to calm and comfort your baby.

Tips and ways are as follows:

  1. You can lull your baby by listening to him nice lullabies because it helps to distract your baby.
  2. Suppose, if you are breastfeeding, let your baby suck your breast.
  3. Try another breastfeeding position.
  4. The older and best way is ‘swing’. Hold your little one and keep in the swing and move the sling constantly.
  5. Do massage on a tummy portion of your baby
  6. Give a warm bath to your little one.
  7. Swaying your baby with the help of an armchair and rocking chair is the top way to soothe him or her.
  8. Play constant silent music.
  9. Play constant silent music near your newborn.
  10. Give them attractive sucking toys which are baby-friendly colors.
  11. Find out something for your little one to pay attention to or to look at such as a rattle, music toy, or mobile.
  12. Undress your baby, due to those thick clothes, the baby feels uncomfortable.
  13. Sing or talk or make funny faces to calm your baby
  14. Pat or rub your baby’s back or twirl your hand on the back of the baby.
  15. One important thing is that please ensure your child isn’t hungry and has a clean nappy or diaper.

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