Formula Milk is good for baby

Is Formula Milk Good For a Baby? Types And Advantages

Formula Milk is good for baby

Definition Of Formula Milk

“Formula milk is also known as powdered milk or just formula or baby formula or infant formula or false milk or first milk. Generally based on cow’s milk or is filled with the goodness of soya protein given to newborns. We can that it is a good substitute for breast milk”.

Formula milk is known as a baby food that is manufactured for babies below 12 months of age, usually made for bottle-feeding babies or cup-feeding babies.

Formula milk comes in two different forms such as the first one is a dry powdered form and the second is a ready-to-feed liquid form. You will mix the dry powder with an accurate amount of warm water. For that first, you will need warm water. To reduce these efforts, a dry powdered form in a ready-to-feed liquid form is more convenient for you as compared to a dry powder. But generally, it tends to be more costly and, once opened, should be utilized all the more rapidly.

Therefore, we can say that formula milk is a healthy and well option for babies.

Types of Formula Milk

There are several 10 types of formula milk. We will discuss them here one by one.

1. First Infant Formula:

This first infant formula is suitable from birth. It is also known as first milk because it is given first to your baby at born. The formula is made from cow’s milk which contains 2 types of essential proteins that is whey and casein.

2. Goat’s Milk Formula:

It is suitable from birth and is produced from whole-cream goat milk. Nowadays, different kinds of goat’s milk formulas are available on the market in medicals, pharmacies, and shops. 

For infants who are allergic to cow’s milk, these goat’s milk formulas are not suitable for them.

3. Hungrier Baby Formula:

Also known as hungry baby milk, as its name indicates that this formula milk is suitable for hungrier babies.

Hungry baby formula contains more amount of casein than whey protein. And casein is a type of protein that is hard for babies to digest. Hence, before using it, you should ask a midwife or pediatrician.

4. Anti-reflux Formula:

Anti-reflux formula or stay-down formula is also suitable from birth and is produced with the aim is that baby will prevent reflux in babies.

Ask your midwife or pediatrician or general practitioner, before using it for your little one.

5. Comfort Formula:

This formula milk is suitable from birth and the name itself indicates that it is convenient and comfortable for newborn babies. It is easily digested by your newborn. Digestive problems such as colic and constipation are prevented by this comfort formula milk.

6. Lactose-free Formula:

Suitable for babies those who cannot absorb lactose which is a sugar that is naturally present in milk and dairy items.

7. Hypoallerneic Formula:

This formula is produced by partially hydrolyzed proteins. And available in supermarkets, shops, or medical pharmacies.

8. Follow-on Formula:

It is suitable for 6 months and is sometimes called ‘Number 2 Milk’. There is one warning that it should not be fed by babies below 6 months.

9. Good Night Milk:

As above, Good Night Milk is also suitable for 6 months babies. Generally, these contain cereals to it and it is special formula milk is given to your baby at bedtime.

10. Soya Formula:

Soya formula is produced from soya bean which is very nutritious, high in protein, and enriched with vitamin B 12, calcium, and vitamin D. This soy protein formula milk can help baby to relieve gas, fussiness, or colic.

Advantages of Formula Milk

Sometimes after delivery, a new mother can’t able to feed breastmilk to her newborn baby due to weakness and intolerable conditions, she cannot even sit because of stitches and pain. At that time, formula milk is the very best option for you to feed that newborn infant.

If you are not sure your breastmilk is enough for your baby or if your baby will not able to breastfeed then you can give formula milk.

Even physicians also give the advice of giving formula milk to the newborn for this situation.

Why do Newborns Need a Formula Milk Instead of Cow’s Milk?

Many new parents have wrong thinking that natural cow’s milk is healthy for their infant. They inquire why they cannot give their little one normal cow’s milk instead of breastmilk or formula milk.

There are mainly two reasons that newborns cannot digest cow’s milk as we know cow’s milk is not made for babies it is only for their calf. Formula milk is specially prepared for newborns or infants only.  Hence it digests completely and easily by the baby. And about breastmilk, we know how important is it for babies.

Formula milk and breastmilk contain certain essential nutrients that newborn babies need; they are not present in cow’s milk. For these kinds of reasons, newborns need baby formula milk instead of cow’s milk.

Is formula milk good for a baby?

Formula milk enriches with several essential nutrients which are good for a baby’s growth and development. But, as compared to breastmilk, it does not have the same contents and health benefits.

We can see below some pros and cons of baby formula


  • Formula-fed infants can be fed by anybody at any time, it is more convenient for new moms.
  • You can make the feeding schedule of a baby on your own.
  • You can feed your baby even in public.
  • Your partner can assist with night-time feedings and offer that holding experience with your newborn.
  • You do not have to stop your office or household work schedule. Simply, put the baby formula near your bed so, your family member can feed your baby.
  • And very importantly, you don’t have to worry about what you have to eat. As well know new moms who breastfeed making changes in their daily diet means they may have to avoid certain food items that their newborn baby can’t digest easily and cannot tolerate.


  • Formula milk does not nutritious as compared to breastmilk.
  • It cannot provide protection to your baby from germs and infections.
  • It affects mother and baby bonding.
  • Equipment for bottle-feeding can be an additional expense.
  • Making milk for bottle feeding can take time and endeavor. And at nighttime, it is very difficult to get up after crying your baby and prepare the milk for him.

Lastly, we can’t say clearly, whether formula milk is good or not. It depends on everyone’s situation. If breastmilk is not enough for the baby. then you have no option, you should give the formula milk.

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